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The 2019 Swim Shop

April 11, 2019 |

Hey, hey, HEY!! It’s 2019, and time for a seriously cool suit. Swimsuit, that is. There’s been a resurgence of one-piece suits in the last few years, and this new crop is not just for Mama (or Grandmama). These one-pieces have been completely reinvented, and they’re more fresh and exciting than ever.

featured above: black suit | towel

To help wade through the vast amount of swimsuit options, we’ve come up with this handy little guide. We have a whole section dedicated to black one-piece suits that are anything but boring, girl-next-door stripes, the prettiest florals, chic white swimsuits, and our top recommendations for postpartum. New for 2019? Personally, I’m really excited about lingerie-inspired swimsuits, animal print (very Jane of the Jungle, but in a good way) and…brown (which is way beachier and muchmore gorgeous than it sounds!).

A note about plus-size swim: You’ll find plus size options in almost every category below…or just go here if you’d like to see them all at-a-glance.

As always, many of our swimsuit recommendations are based on the emails and rave reviews of our readers over the years — so a huge thank you to those of you who have written in, left comments, or sent in pics.

The Mom Edit’s 2019 Swimsuit Guide



Shop by embellishment…LINGERIE | CROCHET| BELTED | RUFFLED


The Best Black One-Piece Suits

Year after year, we’ve noticed that many of you choose a black one-piece as your default, go-to swimsuit. But there’s nothing basic about these suits. The latest ones have been elevated with cool details, sexy cut-outs, interesting shapes…all with creative backs (think:lacing) so they really stay put, too. Here are our hands-down favs….



This suit is more modest, but I love the subtle cut-outs.  Saves it from boring (although, I'd love to see a more daring back).


OMG this Suboo suit is GORGEOUS and flirty and JUST SO GOOD.


This Lucky Brand suit has a highly textured fabric and a seriously cool back.  The thick texture (coupled with the plunging neckline) distracts from a soft stomach, making it perfect for post-partum.


Love the off-shoulder detail and the lace front. This one is surprisingly sexy (and was carried by Free People last year....)


THIS ONE.  Becca did a suit in an on-trend ribbed material, and the front is as good as the back.  One of my new favs.


I'm obsessed. This suit has a little frill and bum ruching - so freaking sexy. By La Blanca


This Becca swimsuit is both sweet and sexy.  Like all other Becca suits, the back is gorg.


This is the kind of suit that just KILLS it.  So freaking chic.  Also by Becca.


Shop BURU has come out with this suit in a few colors/prints - love the thicker straps (with the barest hint of ruffle).


The unassuming little suit has the coolest back.  By Lovers + Friends


LOFT often makes a cute suit. Love the shape of this one.


The back of this Abercrombie suit is also gorgeous.


So daring and cool.  By Abercrombie.


Becca's latest suit has a flirty vibe to it.

Amazon (US)


I adore the lines (and tie sash!!) in this Becca suit.  So freaking cool.  Julieta wore a similar one post-partum.

Amazon (US)


This is the suit Scotti is wearing in the lead-in photo!  It's stunning on.

J.Crew (US)


I love the lines of this J.Crew suit.  I have a ton of JCrew suits - I think they hold up really well.




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Lingerie-Inspired Swimsuits

New for 2019…lingerie-inspired swim. We’re talking strategically-placed mesh panels, daring necklines and lace. There’s a certain sort of Bond-Girl vibe here, but I’ve actually found that they’re surprisingly wearable.  (I have — and love — this Becca one.)



This one has over 1600 4.5 star reviews on Amazon!!  Along with seriously helpful pics.  It comes in several colors but I'm kinda digging the lace-trimmed stripe.


Another Becca suit with a perfect peek of lace.


Ralph Lauren's suit has a really pretty, open back. 


Kenneth Cole - nails the trend.


Unapologetically lace makes a surprisingly cute suit.  By Coastal Blue (Amazon's brand)


This one is so freaking stunning, and comes in sizes from 4 - 26.


I mean...WOW.  Would be perfect for a weekend away with your love.


The back of this Robin Piccone suit is gorg.  Love how the front spoofs a bikini.


L*Space suits are so well made - the back is cute, with a tie right where you need it.


This Kenneth Cole has built-in tummy toning.


This Becca suit is unapologetically lingerie-like....in a good way.  It looks AMAZING on.  My fav right now.




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Animal Print Swimsuits

The key to wearing animal print swim is to keep the vibe playful and fun. You want a cut that’s a bit revealing (steer clear from old-lady-classic), but not so bare that it looks too Jane of The Jungle. (Betty Rubble, maybe? Haha just kidding.) Retailers seem to be having trouble keeping these in stock, so if you’re tempted…don’t hesitate!



I love how this looks like something Bridgette Bardot would've worn.


This little stunner by Kendal and Kylie is suuuuper sexy.


JCrew's print is beautiful, and comes in two different suit shapes.


Solid and Striped, with a really playful print and chic belt.


J.Crew goes totally classic, but leaves the straps skinny, so the look is iconic, not old.


Such a cute print, with little ties at the sides.  Dolce Vita.


Oh Hey TARGET.  Well done.


LOFT's cute little suit totally nails the trend.




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Bronzed, Tan and Brown: The Surprisingly Sexy Suit

In the spirit of full disclosure…I’ve been waiting for brown to make a comeback. I have a brown string bikini that is at least eight years old, and it’s still one of my favorite colors to wear to the beach. Nothing makes me feel like some sort of 70’s beach babe more than a swimsuit in shades of tan.



This Seafolly suit has cool tortoiseshell ring details in the front and back.


Marysia with the most beautiful shade of brown.


AHHH I am DYING over this Solid and Striped!!! So freaking good.


Another Seafolly stunner. So chic with a tan.


This suit is made out of a ribbed knit and nails that 70's ballerina vibe.


Another suit with a ton of texture.  It's also ribbed, and a true halter, so the back is bare.


Love the color of this Becca suit.  The back is low and strappy, and this style is really flattering on.


I've been a longtime fan of Vix swim.  This one is simple, but good.




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Tropical Print Swimsuits

Looking for that vacation vibe? Here ya go.



Readers have been asking for some affordable options...and this one is really cute AND under $20.


THIS.  This print is just pure fun.  (The suit is a little cheeky, too. )


Adore the modern cut of this suit. Comes in a bunch of prints - they're kind of hard to pick between. 


Mara Hoffman suits always have the best prints.  (And they're really, really well made, too.)


This Volcom suit has a dramatic t-strap back.  Love it.


Readers have raved about these Trina Turk off-the-shoulder suits. I LOVE the print on this one.


Surf brand O'neill with a wrap-detail suit in an on-trend color (and print).


This Boden one has a bit of a wrap detail.  So fun.


Seafolly!! One of our all-time favorite brands.  Insanely well made suits and so freaking cute, too. 




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Wear a Rainbow

These suits are just playful, fun, and….happy.



Love the peekaboo skin on this cheery Ralph Lauren suit.


Mara Hoffman!!  Ugh, so gorgeous I die.


Another really pretty Becca suit. The vertical stripes would be great for a soft stomach.


Boden's rainbow suit is just happy.


Becca's retro rainbow stripes in a seriously cool suit.


Another Becca suit in a soft pastel rainbow.  The diagonal lines help cover a soft tummy.


Totally eyeing up this Solid + Striped stunner.


Abercrombie's cute little monokini




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Striped Swimmers

Can there be anything more flushed-cheeks, girl-next-door sexy than a striped suit? I think not. (And stripes can sometimes help distract from a pooch  Strange but true.)



Like the sexiest girl-next-door.  The back is WOW.


A totally different (yet wildly sophisticated) take on the trend.


Love the cut of this Norma Komali suit - you could totally do flips off the board in this one.


A really on-trend number from Athleta.




One of my favorite suits from SwimsuitsForAll.com - sizes up to 26


This Anne Cole suit has the coolest shape.


I love Free People's swimwear.  And this little cut-out suit is a good example of why. 


J.Crew always does a good striped suit.  This one is cross-back which stays put MUCH better.


I'm a sucker for J.Crew's seersucker.  And I especially love the low back.


Mara Hoffman fabulousness.  So freaking good.


I love the modern cut of Shop BURU's suit.  Very Marysia.


This Splendid suit is so sweet!! The back is cute, too.


This Abercrombie suit also comes in pink.  Both are so cute.

Amazon (US)


This adorable striped Vince Camuto suit is so freaking sexy, thanks to the wrap. See it in the dressingroomselfies swim article.




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Girl-Next-Door Gingham

Pair with cut-offs and and old-school flip flops….or go for a retro vibe with red lips. Both work.



One of our reader favs.  Modcloth.


Gosh I love these little buttons.  So good.


Topshop's cute little gingham number in a really pretty brownish red.


This Eberjay suit is so pretty on.  Love it.


Marysia with the coolest take on gingham.


You can always rely on JCrew for a solid gingham suit.  The back is really cute, too.


Shop BURU's modern suit, in a pretty gingham


Love how this one takes gingham in a decidedly un-preppy direction.




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Pretty Floral Swimsuits

Romantic and pretty and still a little bit sexy. It’s hard to beat a good floral.



Anthro's plunge suit, in the sweetest ever floral.


I love the unexpected color combinations in this floral.


Bright blooms on this La Blanca suit.


This La Blance cutie would be perfect with a pair of cut offs.


The back of this gorgeous suit is almost better than the front.


This Becca suit has a belt (click through to see) for an extra dose of sophistication.


Ooo...Jcrew's floral comes with the prettiest back.


Mara Hoffman can do no wrong with prints.


This Splendid suit has a sexy, strappy back.


This Trina Turk suit not only has a gorgeous print, but adds some edge with contrasting black straps.


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By: Shana Draugelis


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